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Kaydent Logistics Pvt. Ltd., previously Samir Mineral Product Pvt. Ltd., is a specialized service provider of Warehouse and Logistics services since 1991. In the year 2012, Kaydent Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was created as a special division catering to the logistics business. Starting as a Carrying and Forwarding Agent, we have gradually expanded our services over a period of 28 years. Currently owning and managing an operational space of 20,000 sq. ft. handling approx. 500MTs in Navi Mumbai, we also have experience of working on off-site locations for clients with specialized requirements. With the support from our hard-working team and clients, our aim is to provide holistic supply chain support to our clients. With the growing needs of clients, we are currently in the process of proposing new plans to expand our location to Bhiwandi, Panvel, Khopoli and Central India as well.

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